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Loading the Disobedient Horse

[/caption] Training "Mythunderstandings" Loading a horse into a trailer is not a separate skill that horses and their handlers need to learn. Loading is simply a response to the step cue you've...

Horse Training: Rollback on the Fence

Here's How Warm your horse up by walking, trotting, and loping around your arena’s perimeter. When you’re ready to begin, hold the reins in both hands, with your hands comfortably out...

Western Horse Show Fashion Clinic 1: Introduction

[/caption] This introduction begins a series designed to help you create a winning wardrobe for western show events. We'll evaluate the main elements head-to-toe that make up your western show wardrobe,...

Horse Containment While Camping

We were camped under aspens at an idyllic spot where two creeks met, our tent on high ground between the gurgling streams, our spirits not dampened by...

Spotted Saddle Horse Breed

Breed evolution: If you're looking for a smooth ride with a bit of flash, the Spotted Saddle Horse might be for you. This eye-catching breed developed...

The Morgan Horse

Carole Mercer of Eagle Point, Oregon, kept track of the hours she rode her Morgan Horses on the trail until she tallied a whopping 10,000. "Then...

Horse Owners Guide to Tractors

Putting Power to Dirt Different transmission systems are used to deliver engine power to a tractor’s drive wheels. Once you’ve narrowed your choice down to either a compact or larger utility...

Western Horse Show Fashion Clinic 5: Vests

Vests, jackets and blazers are an important part of a woman's western show wardrobe in today's competitive show environment. In this article, we'll look primarily at vests. Whether you choose...

The Road to the Horse

Clinicians and equine experts will often say that horsemanship isn't a destination, but a journey. For most who work with horses, this rings true. Thoughtful...

Control Your Energetic Horse

3. Work from the ground. Perform ground work until you're confident that you'll be safe in the saddle. There's no reason to get in a rush to get on your...

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