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Finding a New Barn for Your Horse

Doesn't it always happen? Just when things are ticking along nicely and both you and your horse are happy with your current boarding arrangements, something happens to turn everything upside...

Slow Maturing Dressage Horse Breeds

Question: When my young horse turned 4 years old, he finally began to swing his back as he moved. The change is especially noticeable at the walk. He is a...

One Good Trail Horse

I didn't start the blaze-faced sorrel colt when he turned 2. I was anxious to begin, because there was something special about him, a cocky...

Show Skills for Every Horse

The job description of a competition horse can be very different than that of a pleasure mount, but there are some skills that serve all horses well both inside and...

Book Review: Horse Housing

[/caption] If you're a typical horse owner, you're always interested in learning more about barn design and construction. Maybe you're preparing to build your dream barn, or maybe you're thinking about...

Horse Show Packing Lists

The items that go on your list will depend on the type of showing you do, and the sort of classes you enter. For example, if you event, you'll need...

Selecting a Trail Horse

Looking for a good trail horse? The good news is that trail horses come in all breeds, crossbreeds, sizes, shapes, and colors. Trail horses can be tall and lean or...

Is it Time to Upgrade Your Arena Footing?

Properly maintained arena footing is essential to your horse's soundness. Surfaces that become too hard, deep or variable over time increase the risk of hoof bruises, strained ligaments and other...

Buying the Right Horse

Looking to buy a horse? The time is definitely right, as it's a buyer's market in this down economy. But just because a horse is "a good deal"...

Put the Horse Before the Horse Cart

Driving Forward Teaching a horse to drive is fun, but it also carries risks. Seek the help of a driving professional throughout training. For...

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