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Inside Look: 2011 Road to the Horse

Cox:  The focus for me is to stay true to Chris Cox, stay true to myself, and don’t change for anybody or any competition. At the end of the day,...

Get Your Horse in Shape

Sometimes we just get busy and riding regularly isn't at the top of our to-do list. Sometimes we simply like to give our horses a rest...

Coming off a Horse

If you're over 40 years old, falling off your horse can hurt! Last spring, my gentle Paso Fino, Alegro, tripped with my novice rider husband, Rich....

The Spotted Saddle Horse

Here's a description of the Spotted Saddle Horse's most common color patterns. Tobiano: The tobiano (or "toby") typically shows white over his back and...

Adventures in Owning a Draft Horse

Introducing Star Pt 2. Once we got Star home, she was turned out into the small arena. Being the only draft horse at the barn, she quickly gathered a small crowd...

Horse Shopping in Europe

We arrive in the Frankfurt, Germany, airport four hours late because our flight from Philadelphia, Pa., was sidelined for repairs. From the airport in Frankfurt our rental car takes us...

American Quarter Horse

If the Arabian is an Energizer Bunny on the trail, the Quarter Horse is a 1957 International truck: You can let him sit all winter, and in...

Strong Performances from U.S. Riders at Burghley Horse Trials

[/caption] August 31, 2012 -- The U.S. riders made a bold statement after the first two days of dressage at The Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials slotting three riders...

Training the Timed-Event Horse

  Training a horse for any timed event takes time. We talked last month about instilling the basics-giving to pressure side to side, breaking at the...

Back Your Horse Up

Q. My 6-year-old Quarter Horse gelding is great on the trail, but I'm having a problem with the backup. When I apply leg and rein pressure,...

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