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Learn more about the conformation and anatomy of the horse, from its eyes to its hooves....

Video: Show Jumping Horse Conformation with Dan Marks, VMD

Horse conformation plays a large role in determining a horse's show jumping abilities. In this video from the 2008 lecture at the George Morris Horse Mastership Clinic in Wellington...

Webinar: Evaluating Horse Conformation for Potential Ability with John Madden

Practical Horseman magazine hosted “Evaluating Horse Conformation for Potential Ability,” a free webinar on horse conformation with show-jumping trainer John Madden on Feb. 13. This webinar was brought to you...

Get Your Horse in Practical Horseman's Conformation Clinic

To enter your horse, send a clear color photograph to Conformation Clinic, e-mail a 4x6 or larger horizontal image at high resolution (300 dpi) to You may also send...

Conformation Faults: Part 3

As can be seen below, some conformations that are considered faults for horses intended for general riding can actually help certain types of horses. This illustration shows a good conformation of...

The Anatomy of Dressage Horse Hindquarters

Horses come in many shapes and sizes, and while all can benefit from basic dressage training, not all are physically capable of performing at the higher levels. One of the...

21 Sport Horse Conformation Questions with John Madden

Thank you everyone for attending Practical Horseman’s “Evaluating Horse Conformation for Potential Ability” webinar, sponsored by Purina Mills™. I hope you were able to gain some knowledge and insight from...

Senior Horse Back Problems Check

From Hands-On Senior Horse Care by Karen E.N. Hayes, DVM, MS, & Sue M. Copeland Just as with your back, years of wear and tear can take their toll on your...

Conformation Clinic: Choose the Solid Dressage Horse

Whether judging a model class, evaluating a prospect for a client or sizing up the yearlings at home, I first stand back and look for an overall impression of balance...

Test Your Eye for Horse Conformation

When I'm judging or evaluating a horse, the first thing I look for is overall balance. A horse that has balanced conformation--with neck, back and hip of equal length--will generally...

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