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Conformation Clinic: Choose the Best Equitation Horse

Whether judging a model class, evaluating a prospect for a client or sizing up the yearlings at home, I first stand back and look for an overall impression of balance...

Conformation Faults: Part 2

In order to further examine the conformation of the horse's legs, stand directly in front of him and assess the straightness (or lack thereof). In this first illustration, the forelegs come...

Equine Conformation Faults

As I wrote in one of the first articles I wrote for the Horses site, "The legs could be said to be the most important part of the horse,...

Take Part in EQUUS Magazine's Conformation Analysis Series

Want to better understand your horse's conformation? Consider submitting a photo to internationally recognized anatomy and biomechanics expert Deb Bennett, PhD. But please note: Rather than taking a "halter class"...

Conformation Clinic: Quarter Horse Geldings

I look at balance, eye appeal and breed character--I want a horse to look nice. Next I'll look at soundness and structural correctness. I'll start at the head and want...

Practical Horseman Magazine

Interact with Prac Submit a letter to Your Turn Submit your photo to Jumping Clinic with George Morris Submit your photo to Conformation Clinic with Julie Winkel Apply for an...

Limpet Anti-Slip Horse Saddle Pad

Description: The Limpet Anti-Slip Saddle Pad is available in models to fit any type of saddle.The Limpet Anti-Slip Saddle Pad made from a lightweight, anti-slip, concussion-absorbing,...

Conformation Clinic: Choose the Yearling with Potential

Evaluating yearlings can be tricky as they may be at awkward stages of growth. However, I still look for proportionate body parts, correct angles and structural correctness: The legs, as...

Montana Travler Horse Breed

Breed evolution: In the 1930s, Montanan Tom Eaton began combining the bloodlines of the Tennessee Walking Horse, Morgan Horse, American Saddlebred, Thoroughbred, and Hamiltonian in a search...

What’s the Ideal Endurance Horse Conformation?

[/caption] Question: I really enjoy your monthly Conformation Clinic column. The information is very useful when I work with and care for sporthorses, but I’d also like to know what endurance...

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