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Mangalarga Marchador Horse Breed

Breed evolution: The Mangalarga Marchador originated in Brazil in the early 1740s, when the foundation stallion Sublime was crossed on Spanish Jennets, Andalusians, and Criollos. His...

A Sound Horse Mind Helps the Horse Body

Of all the ways to keep a horse physically sound, I believe keeping a horse's mind sound to be one of the most important. In...

Gaited Curly Horse Breed

Breed evolution: Curly-coated horses have been found in Chinese art dating back to 161 A.D. It's a mystery how the breed reached our shores. Some theorize...

Practical Horseman Magazine

Interact with Prac Submit a letter to Your Turn Submit your photo to Jumping Clinic with George Morris Submit your photo to Conformation Clinic with Julie Winkel Apply for an...

What to Look for When Buying a Baroque Horse

Question: I'm an amateur dressage rider and have been riding dressage (school horses) for about eight years, schooling Second Level. I adore Baroque breeds, particularly Andalusians, and am thinking of...

Glossary of Equine Terms - U

Undershot: A deformity in which the lower jaw projects beyond the upper. Unsoundness: Term used to describe any condition, or conformation fault that limit the horse's ability to...

15 Horse Hunting Hints

Nothing can be more exciting and fulfilling than buying a trail horse. However, such a purchase comes with risks. Will the horse become your reliable trail mount...

Give Your Horse a Bath

Shampoo his body. Fill an old shampoo bottle  two-thirds full of water, then add shampoo to it. This way, you can easily squirt the diluted shampoo over...

Breed Profile: Icelandic Horse

Origins When the first Norsemen settled the volcanic island which was to become Iceland, between AD 860 and 935, they brought their horses with them. Other settlers followed, leaving the...

World's Greatest Versatility Horse Named

October 23, 2008 -- Mike Majors and Smart Whiskey Doc claimed the winning share of the $5,000 purse during the National Versatility Ranch Horse Association's (NVRHA) Inaugural National Finals, in...

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