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Tennuvian Horse Breed

Breed evolution: The Tennuvian is a cross between a Tennessee Walking Horse and a Peruvian Horse. (For more information, see "Smooth-Gaited Breeds" on page 54.) ...

Uncommon Horse Breeds

Everyone is familiar with the more common breeds of horse, the Thoroughbred, the Quarter Horse, The Clydesdale etc. But there are literally hundreds of horses around the world that are...

Man-made Horse Back Problems

You could be contributing to--or even causing--your senior horse's back pain if you're guilty of any of the following practices: Putting cold water on a hot back. This can lead...

The Paint Horse

Paint Horses are the Masarati of the equine world," Paint Horse owner Alice Singleton says, smiling. "With all their chrome, they're simply a little snazzier and flashier...

The Legacy Horse

April 2, 1905. A longed-for son and final child is born to James and Josephine Smith of Litchville, North Dakota. The Smiths are farmers, and like every other farming family...

Baxter Black: Horse Trainin’ Tribulations

Baxter Black Jack was sittin' in the stands at a cuttin' horse sale down in east Texas and struck up a conversation with...

Farmer and Stewart Professional Hunter All-Stars at Alltech National Horse Show

[/caption] October 30, 2013--The Kentucky Horse Park hosts numerous, top-of-the-line horse shows throughout the year, but only once a year is the Alltech Arena transformed into the beautiful home of the...

Conformation Clinic: Choose the Sturdy Eventer

I'd like to preface this month's column with some facts about getting the "whole picture" when evaluating a horse from one side view to form an opinion and place a...

Breeding the Purebred Spanish Horse

Since Roman times, horses have been bred in the southern part of Spain for battle and entertainment. More than 2,000 years later, descendants of those same horses continue to serve,...

Concentrate On Soundness And Sanity In a Trail Horse

If you're an avid trail rider, or want to be, you may spend more hours in the saddle than the majority of riders. It's obviously...

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