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Paso Fino Horse Breed

Breed evolution: More than 500 years ago, when Columbus made his second voyage to the New World, he landed in what's now the Dominican Republic. Onboard...

Postcard: 2008 Devon Horse Show

Devon, Pa., May 30, 2008 -- There's no place like the Devon Horse Show. It always feels as if I've come home when I walk into the compact grounds, where...

Horse Boots and Saddles

I'm glad I permanently removed my horses' shoes a few years ago. Since then, I've learned a few things about helping my horses transition to barefoot...

What Blanketing Does Your Horse Need?

Follow these guidelines if your horse is body-clipped. (Temperatures are Farenheit.) If he has his full coat, subtract 10 degrees from recommendation (for example, you'd put on a turnout sheet...

Conformation Clinic: Choose the Classy Jumper

I'd like to preface this month's column with some facts about getting the "whole picture" when evaluating a horse from one side view to form an opinion and place a...

Kiger Mustang Horse Breed

Breed evolution: Like many wild horses, the Kiger Mustang is descended from the Iberian Horses brought to the New World by Spanish explorers more than 400...

A Conformation Judge's Philosophy

Whether judging a model class, evaluating a prospect for a client or sizing up the yearlings at home, I look first for an overall impression of balance and symmetry. I...

Horse Tack Check with Lynn Palm

Join world-champion trainer Lynn Palm as she guides you through a tack check to optimize the safety and comfort of both you and your horse. Lynn Palm will teach you...

The Tennessee Walking Horse

Perhaps you're ready to switch from a stock horse to a smooth-gaited mount. Or, you're already a gaited-horse owner and are thinking of adding a...

First Postcard: 2001 National Horse Show

New York, N.Y., November 3, 2001 -- If you like hunters, the National Horse Show was the place to be for the last few days. So many of the big-time...

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