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Horse Shopping in Europe

We arrive in the Frankfurt, Germany, airport four hours late because our flight from Philadelphia, Pa., was sidelined for repairs. From the airport in Frankfurt our rental car takes us...

American Quarter Horse

If the Arabian is an Energizer Bunny on the trail, the Quarter Horse is a 1957 International truck: You can let him sit all winter, and in...

The Appaloosa Horse

Path of a Palouse Five hundred years ago, the Spanish brought horses - some of them spotted - to what's now Mexico. Abandoned or left behind,...

How to Take a Good Conformation Clinic Photo

In the January 2009 issue of Horse & Rider, we put the call out for more Conformation Clinic photo submissions. (Reminder, we're calling all breeds!) But having your horse selected...

Understand How to Ride the Horse "Forward into the Bridle in Balance"

[/caption] When I started in this business, I wish I'd had a better understanding of the concept of riding a horse in balance. We're often told to ride forward. But, sometimes,...

Horse Personality Types: The Overachiever and Sensitive Horse

No two horses are the same. The individual difference lie in "outside" characteristics (conformation, breed, gender) and in character types-- what's "inside." The following character overview is by no means...

2009 Road to the Horse Features Bath Brothers Colts

November 7, 2008 -- A long legacy of ranching and horse breeding has caught the attention of Road to the Horse boss wrangler Thomas Saunders and led him to the...

Why I Love Horses and My Favorite Horse Publication

I love horses because they give me a sense of purpose. They nicker and whinny at me when they hear my footsteps. They need me to take care of them....

Horse & Rider Magazine Wants to Hear from You

Horse & Rider wants you to be a part of our team. Tell us about your horse life, ask questions, or share your opinions by contacting us at: Horse &...

Vet Checking the Unseen Variables

We're all looking for the best prospect or made horse that will stay sound. There are basic fundamentals in conformational correctness, having the horse professionally evaluated and/or...

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