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Saddle Up with the Right Cinch For Your Horse

The principle behind a cinch or girth for a horse is deceptively simple: Hold the horse saddle in place so that it's comfortable and safe for...

Bob Avila: How to Spot Balance in a Horse

If you're shopping for a performance prospect (or any horse), up your odds for success by choosing one that's balanced. What do I mean by that? I mean all his...

How to Try Out a Horse for Sale

[/caption] Trying a horse that's for sale can be nerve-wracking. If you've misstated your ability, goals, or price range, he could turn out to be wrong before you put a leg...

USEA 2005 Young Event Horse Series Schedule

March 15, 2005 -- After its debut last year at five East Coast competitions, the United States Eventing Association (USEA) Young Event Horse Series has expanded to 17 events, representing...

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Top Trainers Talk About Horse Breeds

For more information about each breed, click on the link we've provided to a Web site-and for more great insights from these and other trainers, read "More Horse Choices for...

Create a Wish List for Buying a Horse

In your mind you can picture your perfect dressage horse. His size and color and how he moves. Then you try to find him, and the next thing you know...

Square Up Your Horse

Despite your possible preconceived notion about the subject, squaring up isn't just for show horses. The simple process of placing each hoof neatly on each of the...

Breed a Superior Dressage Horse

Breeding a successful dressage horse from scratch involves art, science and a little luck. Each parent must contribute positive traits, which in combination produce exceptional offspring. To achieve this goal,...

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