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Guide to Outdoor Power Equipment Safety

[/caption] 1. Know how to operate the equipment. Read the operator's manual before using any power equipment. Know where the controls are and what they do. Follow safety instructions. 2. Dress properly...

New Horse Trailer Bumper-Pull from Featherlite

The new two-horse, straight-load, bumper-pull trailer from Featherlite offers versatility and style at an economical price. Its compact design, along with all-aluminum construction, makes it lighter...

What is Your Dream Invention for the Horse Barn?

At my barn, we muck the stalls and dump the manure by pushing the loaded wheelbarrow up a ramp and flipping it into a dumpster. I would like a device...

Horse Owners: Prepare for Disaster

It seems that no area in the United States is safe from some type of catastrophic event. Whether it be hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, or winter storms, most areas are...

Build a Horse Saddle Stand for Hauling Horse Saddles

Build a simple horse saddle stand designed specifically for hauling horse saddles around in the back of a sport utility or pickup. The project uses all...

Horse Owners Guide to Tractors

Putting Power to Dirt Different transmission systems are used to deliver engine power to a tractor’s drive wheels. Once you’ve narrowed your choice down to either a compact or larger utility...

Loading the Scared Horse

[/caption] Training "Mythunderstandings" Loading a horse into a trailer is a test of how accurately the horse responds to the step cue you put on him by heeding. Trailer loading isn't a...

Horse Health: Biosecurity Measures

[/caption] In January, California authorities reported new cases of equine herpes virus myeloencephalopathy (EHM), the neuropathic for of equine herpes virus (EHV-1, commonly known as "rhino"). After the outbreak in mid-May...

Protect your Horse with a Detailed Stall Card

[/caption] A polished brass stall plate engraved with your horse’s name may look classy, but a less decorative stall card that presents more information about him could save his life.In addition...

Composting Controls Horse Manure

If you care for horses on your own property, then at some point you have probably wondered what to do with that huge mound of horse...

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