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Horse Fencing Ideas and Considerations

Sponsored By RAMMfence [/caption] Give That Old Fence New Life During the course of your daily chores, you probably encounter areas of your horse fencing system that need some serious help. You...

New Process Reclaims Wood Shavings from Used Horse Bedding

“Reduce, reuse and recycle” are the three Rs of the environmental movement. Can that concept stretch far enough to include used horse bedding? Shelly Townsend, of Paris, Kentucky, says it...

Horse Sitter Checklist

[/caption] Four Weeks In Advance Schedule routine maintenance. Take care of all routine vet and farrier visits to catch any potential problems-in-the-making-and so your sitter won't have to bother with them....

Control Contagion and Keep Your Horse Healthy

Fresh off the trailer, home from her first show, your filly bounds across the pasture calling for her mother. Though they've been apart only a few hours, the...

Tie-To Choices for your Horse

Imagine your horse tied by his reins to the top fence board at your neighbor's farm. You rode over for a visit and are only planning...

Reduce Horse Blanket Wear And Tear

By mid winter, most of us have a barn full of filthy horse blankets, covered with hair, dust and, of course, mud. A few simple tips can help extend...

Set Up a Successful Horse Breeding Business

When Deborah Borra showed up at Cornell University in 1994 to learn about the breeding business, equine reproduction specialist Dr. Chris Schweizer and Dr. Michelle Kutzler didn't expect (as they...

Bargain-Basement Horse Trailers

While those sparking new aluminum, four-horse gooseneck trailers with cozy-looking living quarters gleam at you from the ads in horse magazines, you know your wallet can't...

Tractor Buying Simplified For Your Horse Ranch

  The right utility tractor can lighten your load, tackle multiple tasks on your small horse ranch, and quickly become the hardest worker in your barn....

Disaster Preparedness for the Horse Owner

[/caption] Forecasters say a hurricane, firestorm, blizzard or other natural disaster is headed your way. With a day or less to prepare, take these measures to protect your horses. Stock up on...

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