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Benefits in Economic Stimulus Act for Horse Industry

March 4, 2009 -- President Barack Obama has signed the Economic Stimulus Act into law. The bill is intended to provide a jump-start to the U.S. economy. "The new law contains...

How to Evaluate Horse Bridle Fit

[/caption] A well-fitted bridle not only keeps your horse comfortable but also helps to convey your aids so he can respond promptly and with confidence. Here's how to initially adjust this...

Bringing Back Dressage Horse Much Ado

The accident occurred on the relatively short haul from the Miami/Dade Winter Dressage Competition--where dressage horse Much Ado (called "Q" around the barn after Quattro, his sire) had...

Top Tips for Horse Barn Renovation Projects

Suzanne Baker McDermott's Top 10 Tips View Suzanne's barn renovation photo gallery! 1. Take your time and choose a fair and reputable contractor. Visit their work independently on your own and get...

The Tractor: A Farm's Unsung Hero

[/caption] We all know how bad a day can be when our car or truck breaks down and we can't get to work. Multiply that frustration times ten and you'll know...

Horse Farrier Tips and Tactics

How can we tell if the farrier who trims our horses is doing a good job or not? Did your farrier check everything on your horse's hooves?...

2009 I Love New York Horse Show Wrap Up

July 9, 2009 -- Charlie Jacobs of Weston, Ma., rode Secret Love to victory in the $75,000 Hermes Grand Prix CSI 2* to culminate the 32nd Annual I Love New...

Standing On Solid Ground In Your Horse Arena

Unless you're on the rodeo road, the majority of the runs you make are probably in your own horse arena. No doubt, you put hours of time...

Modern Horse Trailer Choices Financial Options

Before the days of slats or bars on safety-glass windows, before sharp edges were filed down and rounded for safety, horse trailer shopping was scary-and uneducated buyers...

Automatic Waterers Provide Fresh Water For Your Horse

Drink Up Check your automatic waterer daily to be sure it's working properly. Evaluate your horse, too, so you know he's getting...

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