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At Home With Anson Mount

Discussing the final season of "Hell on Wheels."

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Adding Ingredients Or Supplements To Balanced Equine Grain Rations

Many equine grain rations are designed to provide a specific level and balance of nutrition for an intended category such as growth, performance, stage of production, activity level, or age. Including...

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Reduce stress for successful pregnancies

Research shows that taking steps to reduce a mare's stress immediately after breeding can increase the chances for a successful pregnancy.

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University of Florida uses electrical cardioversion to treat atrial fibrillation in international dressage horse

Imagine the disappointment of withdrawing your horse from the World Equestrian Games. Magnify that with a diagnosis of an equine heart condition. But the University of Florida vet school treated Kelly Layne's Udon P successfully, and the pair are back in action again.

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