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Prevent Horse Barn Fires

The devastating destruction of a horse barn fire—and what you can do to prevent one....

Pros and Cons of Automatic Horse Waterers

[/caption] The relentless tedium of lugging hoses and scrubbing troughs can make automatic waterers seem like an attractive addition to horse stables and paddocks. Before you replace those buckets, however, consider...

Horse Trailer Safety Checklist

SAFETY POINT WHAT TO DO Tires Check pressure, and look for signs of wear in truck, trailer and spare tires. Wheels Make sure lug nuts are tight on all wheels. Hitch Look for loose bolts, hairline cracks,...

Horse First Aid Kit

It's difficult enough to keep your wits about you when dealing with an emergency or injury. It's all but impossible if you're frantically searching for supplies or-worse...

Horse Clipping Tips

I'd like to teach my 6-year-old Paint Horse mare to accept electric clippers. I don't show, but I do like to keep her muzzle, jaw, and bridle path clipped....

Fireproof Your Horse Barn

Watch fuel and fumes. Refuel your equipment outside your barn, and be careful when you drive your tractor, mower, or other machinery through it; exhaust fumes are combustible, too. Manage manure....

The Cost of Farm Equipment

[/caption] How much is it going to cost you to equip your horse property with a small tractor and a lineup of useful maintenance implements? The following ballpark figures for new...

Stalling Your Horse

As we waited for the stall metal to be made, zinc-dipped, and delivered, we set to work on the old equipment shed. In no time, we’d stripped off the walls...

Guide to Outdoor Power Equipment Safety

[/caption] 1. Know how to operate the equipment. Read the operator's manual before using any power equipment. Know where the controls are and what they do. Follow safety instructions. 2. Dress properly...

New Horse Trailer Bumper-Pull from Featherlite

The new two-horse, straight-load, bumper-pull trailer from Featherlite offers versatility and style at an economical price. Its compact design, along with all-aluminum construction, makes it lighter...

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