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Here's How: Leg-Yield Your Horse

What the leg yield is: Walking or trotting, your horse moves forward and sideways by crossing his inside legs in front of his outside legs while he keeps his body...

Select, Fit Protective Horse Boots

You've turned your horse out to blow off steam before you tack up and ride, but didn't bother to put his protective boots on first. You've gotten away with it...

Panic-Free Hobbling Lessons for Your Horse

How Will Hobbling Help You? Hobbling is the act of fastening two of the horse's legs together with a short length of rope,...

A Home For Every Horse Participating Rescues

4R Animal Shelter After the Homestretch - Arizona Alaqua Animal Refuge All About Equine Animal Rescue All Vegas Horses/L.E.A.N. Allen's Place Almost Home Animal Rescue Amazing Grace Equine Rescue American Standardbred Adoption Program Angel Acres Horse...

Bandaging Horse Knees

Since the horse's knee has more freedom to move than any other joint in the lower leg, it's also the toughest to bandage. Bandaging a horse's knee...

Horse Tripping Banned in Nine States

September 2009Arizona recently became the ninth state to ban horse tripping, a rodeo event in which galloping horses are roped by the legs and pulled to the ground The new law,...

Limber Your Senior Horse by Stretching

As your horse ages, his muscles become less flexible. To offset that, Sandi Patterson recommends limbering your senior horse by stretching -- a series of on-the-ground stretches for his legs...

Pick Up Artist: Teaching a Horse to Lift his Hooves

[/caption] A horse who refuses to pick up his hoof at your request is the picture of obstinacy. And an owner pulling and pushing to try to lift the immobile limb is...

Exercises for a Horse Heavy on the Forehand

Question: I currently lease a 14-year-old Thoroughbred/cross. We do fine on the trails, but when I take a dressage lesson, my horse becomes incredibly heavy on the forehand and sticks...

Common Horse Booting Mistakes

At Professional’s Choice, we often run across confusion about how supportive boots like Sports Medicine Boots should be used. For a boot to effectively protect and support your horse’s legs,...

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