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Horse Trailer Safety

[/caption] The following is a true story of a tragic accident that might have been prevented if a few basic safety checks had been followed. The barn at which I board my...

Apply Horse Shipping Boots For Equine Leg Protection When Trailering Horses

[/caption] You’ve been planning a mountain trail ride with friends for weeks. You’ve had your truck and trailer checked and readied for trailering horses. Your first-aid kits are stocked, and your...

Oops! My Horse Stumbles!

Your horse suddenly pitches forward and drops out from under you. For a split second, his balance and yours teeter on the brink. Few things are more alarming than a...

Back Your Horse Up

Q. My 6-year-old Quarter Horse gelding is great on the trail, but I'm having a problem with the backup. When I apply leg and rein pressure,...

How to Keep Your Horse Straight to Fences

Have you always bent your horse to collect him? Me, too. I used to do endless dressage-type lateral work--shoulder-in, shoulder-out, haunches-in, haunches-out, leg-yield, half-pass--all to move my horses' hind ends...

Improve Your Horse Photography

Equipment Tips A point-and-shoot camera (which has a wide-angle lens) will distort your horse's proportions: The farther away he is, the smaller he'll get, proportionally. In a three-quarter conformation...

Teach Your Horse Turn on the Forehand

What's the clearest, simplest way to introduce your horse to the idea of moving sideways? Teach him the turn on the forehand. From the halt, you'll use this schooling movement to...

Get Your Horse in Practical Horseman's Conformation Clinic

To enter your horse, send a clear color photograph to Conformation Clinic, e-mail a 4x6 or larger horizontal image at high resolution (300 dpi) to You may also send...

Breed Profile: Icelandic Horse

Origins When the first Norsemen settled the volcanic island which was to become Iceland, between AD 860 and 935, they brought their horses with them. Other settlers followed, leaving the...

Pre-Purchase Horse Hoof Exam

When purchasing a horse, whether from an auction house, individual, or even over the Internet, check his feet! This can be the single most important evaluation you...

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