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American Paint Horse

Breed evolution: Spanish explorers first brought "painted" or two-toned horses to North America. The Spanish breeds - Barb, Andalusian, and Arabian Horses - eventually formed...

Horse Weight Calculator

Holding a flexible plastic tape measure perpendicular to the ground, measure around your horse's heart girth--starting about 4 inches behind his front leg at the girth area, up over the...

Caring for the Cast Horse

A stabled horse who lies down just so or rolls in his stall runs the risk of becoming "cast" in a position where he can't get his legs underneath himself...

A Long Neck Equals a More Rideable Horse

[/caption] When I think of history's great dressage horses, such as Anne-Grethe Jensen's Marzog, Margit Otto-Crepin's Corlandus and Dr. Reiner Klimke's Ahlerich, they had one common quality: They were ridden through...

Rewards that Make Sense to Your Horse

[/caption] I wish I'd known how important the reward is. Unlike punishment, the reward explains to the horse what to do and ensures that he stays content and cooperative throughout the...

Prevent Lameness, Keep Your Horse Sound

[/caption] Proper, timely shoeing is perhaps the most important thing you can do to safeguard the health of your horse's feet and legs. Not all farriers are created equal, so...

Reduce Horse Blanket Wear And Tear

By mid winter, most of us have a barn full of filthy horse blankets, covered with hair, dust and, of course, mud. A few simple tips can help extend...

Protect Yourself from Horse Kicks

[/caption] Any horse might kick under the right circumstances, and the possibility of becoming the target of a well-aimed hoof is always with us. Most of us learn commonsense guidelines of...

Horse Hauling in the USA

Those of us who rope for a living probably average 70,000-100,000 horse hauling miles in the USA a year. That's a lot of wear and tear...

Uncommon Horse Breeds

Everyone is familiar with the more common breeds of horse, the Thoroughbred, the Quarter Horse, The Clydesdale etc. But there are literally hundreds of horses around the world that are...

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