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Stretching Exercises for Your Horse

The exercise: Carrot stretches. The goal: To increase the flexibility and range of motion in your horse's neck and back. Tips Watch your fingers to avoid an inadvertent bite. If your horse steps away from you...

Conformation Clinic: Quarter Horse Geldings

I look at balance, eye appeal and breed character--I want a horse to look nice. Next I'll look at soundness and structural correctness. I'll start at the head and want...

Horse Blanket Q&A

Does My Horse Need a Blanket? Your horse needs a blanket because the natural oils and dirt that keep him warm in the wild are removed each time you curry or...

Tips for the School Horse Rider

1. Ride at least twice a week, if possible. "Students can make progress with once-a-week lessons, but it's much easier if they come out to the barn twice a week...

Breed a Superior Dressage Horse

Breeding a successful dressage horse from scratch involves art, science and a little luck. Each parent must contribute positive traits, which in combination produce exceptional offspring. To achieve this goal,...

Hematoma in the Horse

Hematomas occur fairly regularly in horses. They are the result of trauma to a blood vessel, without a cut or breaking of the overlying skin, that results...

Keep Your Horse Soft, Supple & Happy

I use a simple program to maintain my horses’ soundness (and their sanity) by keeping them fit and helping them stay both strong and loose behind. Jumping is a very...

Horse Grooming Tips for Show Day

In the May 2005 issue of Horse & Rider magazine, we gave you an all-inclusive show-day checklist to help you get organized and ward off those pre-show jitters. We included...

Kiger Mustang Horse Breed

Breed evolution: Like many wild horses, the Kiger Mustang is descended from the Iberian Horses brought to the New World by Spanish explorers more than 400...

Horse Journal

Blogs: Horses Keep Us Grounded By Cindy Foley Cindy Foley is the Editor-in-Chief of Horse Journal, which focuses on real-life horse-product field trials with buying advice and recommendations. | READ MORE Blogs: The...

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