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The Importance of Horse Boots on All Four Legs

[/caption] When it comes to booting your horse's legs, there are so many possibilities that you may find yourself with many questions. One of the most common questions we hear at...

Horse Boot Options

In the November 2005 issue of Horse & Rider, we covered protective leg boot options. But support and protection of yours horse's legs don't stop at the cannon...

Major Leg Breakdowns in the Horse

We've all been engrossed with the episode of Barbaro and his fate. (The 2006 Kentucky Derby winner broke down during the second leg of the Triple...

Strengthen Your Legs, Balance Your Horse

In the February 2010 issue of Horse & Rider magazine, Western pleasure trainer Liz Remphrey shared three common pilot-error mistakes frequently made by novice Western pleasure riders. One of the...

Spurring The Horse On

Your "go forward" cue is extremely important when working on shoulder control with your horse. It should be something like a "kiss" from the ground...

Horse Lameness Check

Lameness can be definitively diagnosed only by your veterinarian, but the detective work of the diagnosis is best performed as a team. A prognosis for a full and speedy recovery...

Stop Your Green Horse from Leaning toward the Wall

Leaning toward the wall for balance is a common problem with green horses that don't trust their own balance. Instead of accepting guidance and framing from the rider's legs and...

Horse Leg Wrapping 101

Wraps are used during work to protect the lower legs from bumps, either from the horse’s own feet or jumps, and to provide some support to the fetlocks and tendons/ligaments. Expert...

Your Legs: The Key to Communication With Your Horse

“This form of contact is automatically achieved by the establishment of the animal’s cadenced, supple and collected motion. Thus it accompanies that physical state in which the horse performs its...

Here's How: Leg-Yield Your Horse

What the leg yield is: Walking or trotting, your horse moves forward and sideways by crossing his inside legs in front of his outside legs while he keeps his body...

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