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Joseph Parsons and Big Iron

"When I got him he was good and ready to go," Parsons said. "And I had some other ones that I was doing good on." He roped on him around the...

Wild Wyoming

As you step out of your teepee on an early moonlit morning to tack up your horse before sunrise, you wonder if you’re really on vacation. Yet by the...

Boarding-Barn Borrowing

I refuse to board my daughters’ horses at any barn that doesn’t have access to plenty of trails. The place can be perfect in every other aspect:...

Philippe Le Jeune Wins Show Jumping Gold at WEG 2010

October 10, 2010 -- Having had the privilege of attending every World Show Jumping Championship since 1982, I can attest to the fact that the Final Four format to determine...

Professional's Choice Latest Breakthrough: Ventech

Professional’s Choice is a leader in the equine industry because the company strives to innovate by finding new and better materials—as well as ways to utilize those materials—and test...

Barrel Racing with Kassie Mowry and Denim

The roller coaster that is FM Radio ("Denim") was back at the top again this winter for Kassie Mowry of Dublin, Texas. She won the first rodeo...

Horses as Healers

  Catastrophic health events aren't predictable; they can happen to anyone at any time. For those of us who enjoy trail riding, a sudden health change...

Dressage Life: Transitions

Transition--there's so much in this word. Life is a process of transition, some of it enjoyable, some not so much. Riding has been my passion for 25 years and...

Married with Horses: Pickles the Cat

Even a small horse farm has the propensity to wear you out. And a horse farm/zoo like ours isn't an ideal one-person operation. Kimberly was gone on business for...

EquiSearch's Ask the Vet: Diagnosing Lameness

Question 1: My pony went lame about two years ago. He started jumping this year but now he is lame again. No vet can give me an answer. They've...

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