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Weg Postcard: U.S. Drivers Win Silver

I have been writing about the possibility of a U.S. four-in-hand medal for years, a period in which it has been as elusive as Bigfoot, and, I feared at times,...

Kentucky Classic CDE Marathon Day

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Dancer, Wrigley-Miller and Yoder to Drive at FEI World Pair Driving Championship

August 22, 2011 -- The 2011 FEI World  Pair Driving Championship get underway this week in Conty, France, and three American drivers are set to make their International Championships debut. [/caption] Led...

Exell Wins Second Consecutive Rolex FEI World Cup Driving Final

April 19, 2010 -- After a thrilling competition, Australia's Boyd Exell won the Rolex FEI World CupT Driving Final in Geneva, Switzerland, presented by Brasserie A. Egger, April...

Clinton Anderson's Longeing for Respect: Changing Directions Intro

[/caption] To Get the Most from this Lesson: Outfit your horse in a rope halter with a lead that's at least 14 feet long. I prefer my own halters, which have extra...

Training Yearlings

At first, you have this adorable little foal, with his little-wittle nose, fuzzy-wuzzy coat and stubbly tail. You ooo and ahh over him, take tons of pictures, and show...

Selecting a Stable Blanket for Your Horse

Beauty is as Beauty Does When I first got involved with horses, some 30 years ago, stable blankets in England came in one style -- jute, with central surcingle and a...

Selecting a Turnout Blanket for Your Horse

Which Features Should I Look For? As a rule of thumb, always go for the very best quality you can afford. That bargain blanket may not be such a bargain...

Glossary of Equine Terms - F

Farrier: Skilled craftsman who shoes horses. Feathering: Long hair on the lower legs and fetlocks. Abundant on heavy horse breeds. Fell Pony: One of the nine native...

Showmanship: Test of Lines and Details

Showmanship Pattern: Enter arena and walk to marker 1. Stop. Turn and jog diagonally across the arena, and set up with the rest of the class. When called, walk halfway to the judge. Stop,...

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