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Intro to Counter Canter

Interspersed between more field trips, to help re-condition Forrest's brain that new places and new horses don't mean he's about to get loaded into the starting gates, we've been continuing our training pretty methodically. Feeling it's time to up the ante a bit and continue to develop more strength, balance and improve his canter, I decided this week to ask for a counter canter for the first time

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Research on Equine Cecal Impactions

Cecal impaction (a type of colic) can have life-threatening complications if not diagnosed and treated promptly. Researchers in Pennsylvania set out to evaluate short‐ and long‐term outcomes after...

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Kentucky Horse Park Expects Heavy Traffic for Events

During the coming week, July 8 to 12, the Kentucky Horse Park expects to experience heavier than normal traffic due to several special events scheduled to take place at the facility. In addition to...

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