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Pick Up Those Feet!

Horses get lazy just like we do. Sometimes it's a little thing, such as they don't pick up their feet or they don't watch where they're going....

Horse Heaves Symptoms and Treatment

[/caption] That nagging little cough at the beginning of your rides, and that occasional runny nose…could they mean your horse is suffering from recurrent airway obstruction, or RAO? Possibly....

Benjamin and Dahlgren in Third in Pas De Deux Championship at World Vaulting Championship

[/caption] August 18, 2012 -- The third day of competition at the FEI World Vaulting Championship was a full day of world-class vaulting as all four Championship divisions competed. In the...

Preventing Heaves and Respiratory Problems in Horses

Question: I keep my 15-year-old Quarter Horse stalled in the winter, as I don't have access to winter pasture. I do turn him out for exercise daily, and longe him...

EQUUS Consultants: Heaves & Nosebleeds

Help For The Heavey Question: My 11-year-old gelding had been prescribed prednisone to control his heaves, but I found that -- as you reported in the March 2001 issue (see "Hold...

Keep Your Horse from Pulling on the Longe

[/caption] Teaching a young horse how to longe is a useful tool to have in your training toolbox. At different stages in his career, you can longe him to increase his...

Protect Your Aging Horse's Respiratory Health

[/caption] When considering your older horse's respiratory health, first take a look at the numbers; The average horse takes about 17 breaths per minute. By the time he reaches age...

Leg Protection for Young Horses

[/caption] When young horses first start work, either on the lunge line or under saddle, their co-ordination is not as good as more mature horses. As they figure out how to...

Low-risk Longeing

Question: I would like to longe my 6-year-old mare with side reins, but I am concerned about wear on her knee joints. I keep all of my horses until they...

Safely Crossing Water on the Trail

[/caption] You’ve gone a new direction on the trail and come to the creek at a place you’ve never crossed before. Is it safe to forge ahead and ride through the...

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