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Long-Lining: How to Adjust Your Reins for the Change of Direction

Oregon-based jumper rider and trainer Jeff Campf explains the art and benefits of training a horse from the ground in long lines in his November 2007 Practical Horseman magazine story....

How Much Cue Do You Need?

Our goal is to get our horse to work with us so well that it will look like he can read our mind. If we're shouting...

Glossary of Equine Terms - W

Warmblood: In general terms, a half-bred, or part-bred horse, the result of an Arabian or Thoroughbred cross with other breeds. Also one of a number of specific breeds of...

EQUUS Pop Quiz: Heaves

[/caption] Recurrent airway obstruction (RAO), commonly called heaves, is a serious allergy-induced respiratory disorder. Left untreated, RAO worsens progressively, making breathing more and more of a struggle for the horse, even...

Not-So-Sweet: Why Your Horse's Breath Stinks

[/caption] Give your horse a kiss on the nose and you may catch a whiff of sweet grain, fresh hay and perhaps the peppermint candy you just gave him. But if...

Trailer-Cleaning Help

It’s summertime, peak trailer-travel season for trail riders! If you trailer often, you know how quickly your trailer can get dirty and how hard it can be...

Help for Equine Asthmatics

[/caption] The coughing had started three weeks earlier. It was a relatively quiet but exceptionally persistent cough that the owners heard whenever they were near the mare. Then she began to...

Chaps-Fit Plan: Proper Technique

[/caption] In the January 2012 issue, we shared with you some exercises and healthy-eating tips to help you get back into your chaps for show season. Here, we'll show you the...

Super Looper Inducted into Pendleton

Legendary ropers Roy Cooper and King Merritt, along with dedicated volun-teer Tom Currin and Mac McCormack, the man credited with saving the 1940 Round-Up, comprise the newest...

EquiSearch's Ask the Vet: Horse Allergies

Question: My 9-year-old Quarter Horse gelding has many allergies (food/environment). He is allergic to molasses, corn, oats and timothy/orchard mix hay. I changed his diet to a brome hay and...

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