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Feeding Senior Horses

Are you planning to do any articles on the many senior feeds coming on the market? I have a 19-year-old navicular mare that is too heavy and receives little...

Readers Write: Heels Down

[/caption] Riding Questions "I'm having a bad time of trying to get my heels down (and legs underneath me) while jumping. Any suggestions?" -- LizO'Leary "Practice trotting in your two-point without stirrups. Don't take...

EQUUS Consultants: Allergy to Vaccines?

Question: I have owned my 12-year-old light-breed gelding for seven years now in Athens, Greece. He is a bit allergic, with a runny nose and a periodic cough. He also...

The Effects of Altitude

Question:This summer I want to take my horse with me when I travel from Michigan to Colorado and Arizona. I know that when I travel from lower to higher altitudes...

Conformation Clinic: Choose the Passable Eventer

Whether judging a model class, evaluating a prospect for a client or sizing up the yearlings at home, I first stand back and look for an overall impression of balance...

"Blowing Up" a Girthing Myth

[/caption] You were probably told, in your earliest riding lessons, that a savvy school horse might hold his breath to expand his chest and make it difficult to tighten the girth---and...

When Your Horse Coughs While Warming Up

[/caption] At the start of every ride, your old gelding coughs two or three times, regardless of the weather or surroundings. But then he settles happily into his job, with no...

Taking Riding Lessons

Beginner's Guide to Horses More of This Article Pt. 1 - Taking Riding Lessons Pt. 2 - Buying Your First Horse Pt. 3 - Horse Keeping Once you have decided that you want to learn...

Longeing Safety

[/caption] According to an Associated Press article which appeared in Horse Net News, a Florida horsewoman was killed when a horse she was longeing was spooked and dragged her into a...

Inside the 2011 George Morris Horsemastership Training Session

Day 2: Tuesday, January 4, 2011 Basic Dressage Today began with a flat lesson but as George Morris said, “it is not flatwork; it is basic dressage.” This “dressage”...

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