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Horse Care Basics Refresher

In the May 2006 issue of Horse & Rider, Bob Avila talked about the importance of basic horse care. No athlete can reach his full potential if he's...

En Vogue: A Friesian’s shot at glamour

You Want My Horse For What? They say there are no missed opportunities -- just someone else who opens the door when it knocks. For me, opportunity came disguised as...

Internal Parasites in Horses

Of the many dozens of internal parasites that can infect horses, only a few parasite species are capable of any serious harm. The top four are associated with...

Reed Kessler: Arriving in London

August 1, 2012 -- We're finally here!!! After doing our last jumping school with Cylana on Monday, we just had a light day on Tuesday before the horses shipped. The team...

Caught between the Bars

[/caption] This is a story of a stupid mistake---one that led to a terrifying accident that could easily have cost my horse’s life. I still get anxious thinking about what happened that day,...

When your Horse Whinnies Too Much

[/caption] Your horse’s whinny may be endearing or embarrassing, depending on when you hear it. No doubt you think it’s charming when he neighs a greeting to you, but you may...

Can Neurological Signs be Mimicked?

[/caption] Q: If a mare with neurological problems gives birth, will the foal mimic her odd behavior? This is an ongoing debate at our barn. Some people are theorizing that as mom...

Palmer Sisters Qualify for 2014 FEI World Cup Vaulting Final

[/caption] January 21, 2014 -- The FEI World Cup Vaulting qualifying season ended on Sunday and U.S. pas de deux vaulters Kimberly and Cassidy Palmer (Half Moon Bay, Calif.) have qualified...

Plain Facts on Heat Stroke

Summer's heat and humidity can be much more than just uncomfortable. They can be deadly. Horses lose their lives every year to heat stroke. Countless...

It's Stall Fresh by a Nose in Deodorizers

Most of us take pride in having a clean barn and pat ourselves on the back that there's no offensive odor-at least to fellow horsemen. However,...

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