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Ease Your Horse Back Into Work

It doesn't matter what your horse's level of fitness was when you stopped riding. By the end of three months of inactivity, all conditioning in your...

Older-Horse Muscles

Like Baby Boomers, the number of older horses is increasing by leaps and bounds. Better health care is carrying more into the senior-citizen category, and that's generating...

The Inside Scoop with Clint Cooper

  Events: Tie-Down Roping Born: 1/4/1982 Joined PRCA: 2002 Titles Won: 0 Career Earnings: $184,848.00 Wrangler NFR...

Teaching Your Horse to Longe

[/caption] Training "Mythunderstandings" When you first start teaching a horse to heed, you use a corridor of aids or pressures to create a feeling in the horse of where you want him...

Loading the Disobedient Horse

[/caption] Training "Mythunderstandings" Loading a horse into a trailer is not a separate skill that horses and their handlers need to learn. Loading is simply a response to the step cue you've...

Adventures in Owning a Draft Horse

Introducing Star Pt 2. Once we got Star home, she was turned out into the small arena. Being the only draft horse at the barn, she quickly gathered a small crowd...

Buyer Beware!

Whether you're reading homes for sale or horses for sale ads, you quickly notice that certain phrases pop up again and again. Glowing descriptions of a horse's appearance and abilities...

Equine Conformation Part 1

There is no such thing as the perfect horse... However, by being knowledgeable about the finer points of equine anatomy and conformation, you can find a horse that is more likely...

Glossary of Equine Terms - C

Cannon Bone: The bone of the lower foreleg between the knee and the fetlock. Also called the "shin bone". In the hindleg, the corresponding bone is called the shank....

Overcoming Training Problems

This article is excerpted, with permission, from Advanced Techniques of Dressage: An Official Instruction Handbook of the German National Equestrian Federation, published by Half Halt Press. Training a horse does not...

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