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Online Trip-Planning Guide

Rider Profile #3 You and your partner are dedicated trail riders who want to fly to an adults-only facility in the Rocky Mountains that offers well-trained horses and a variety of...

Online Trail Riding Planning Guide

Dreaming of a riding vacation that delivers all that it promises? You can go online to find and book your dream trip from the comfort of your home. Here, we'll...

New Online Course Helps You Hit the Trail

October 1, 2009 -- Regardless of their breed preference, riding style or location, equine enthusiasts can find happy trails with help from a new course by My Horse University and...

Bargains Galore - Online Bargain Hunting for Horse Gear

Who doesn't love to bag a bargain, no matter what the economy's doing? Smart sellers know that saving money never goes out of fashion. To keep your business in tighter-belt times,...

New Helmet Campaign T-shirts Added to Courtney King-Dye Fund eBay Store

April 27, 2010 -- The Courtney King-Dye Medical Fund eBay store is now featuring new helmet-wearing campaign T-shirts, designed by Jeri Bryant, a single mom and dressage fan based in...

USDF Announces Shopping Rewards Program

February 19, 2008 -- The United States Dressage Federation (USDF) has announced a program that offers Group Member Organizations (GMOs), local dressage clubs affiliated with USDF, and Intercollegiate/Interscholastic Organizations (IMOs),...

Storing Horse Feed Safely

[/caption] Keeping grain safely secured is of the utmost importance to horse owners for a number of reasons. Probably the most important reason is the horses themselves. We sometimes hear of horses...

Improve Glucose Metabolism to Fight Founder

The bad thing about founder is that it's an expensive and devastating disease that causes intense pain and all too often leads to euthanasia. The good thing is that new...

SUCCEED Launches National Helmet Awareness Campaign

June 2, 2010 -- The leading equine digestive health product SUCCEED® has teamed up with helmet advocate Jeri Bryant to launch an online helmet awareness campaign, The campaign is...

Feed-Room Conveniences

Is the place where you store and dole out your horses’ feed set up for maximum convenience and efficiency? Here are some simple feed-room strategies gleaned from real-world horse owners: Store...

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