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Use A Barrier Product To Fight Sweet Itch

Originally thought to be a reaction to feeding sweet feed, “sweet itch” is a skin condition caused by a hypersensitivity reaction to insect bites, primarily the tiny Culicoides midge. Other...

Three Ways to Beat Flies

Fly control: now there's a subject we can all relate to. Regardless of where you live, everyone fights flies during the summer. When we first bought...

Treatments for the Main Equine Internal Parasites

Types of Internal Equine Parasites There are four main types of internal parasites that pass through the horse's body during their life cycle. Some may cause extensive damage...

Clinton Anderson: Using the One-Rein Stop for Lope Control

Does your horse get strong or naughty at the lope? Learn how to use the one-rein stop to reestablish control of your horse at the lope....

Make Predators and Parasites Work for You

Introduce Beneficial Nematodes Many farm and garden suppliers stock nematodes, microscopic roundworms that normally live in the top layer of the soil. Several species of nematodes are available, but Steinereman carpocapsae...

Webinar: Fly Control on the Horse Farm/Ranch with Dr. Doug Ross

Entomologist Dr. Doug Ross will talk about flies as pests and give an overview of the different types of flies that annoy and bite horses. Focusing mostly on houseflies and...

Tips for Fighting Flies

Warding off flies and the ailments they transmit is the obvious key to protecting your horse's health. Although you may take satisfaction from direct combat with the "divells" in your...

Horse Deworming: A Modern Approach

[/caption] Internal parasites can be a critical threat to your horse's health. In recent years, reports of parasite resistance to common deworming medications have caused experts to rethink standard strategies for...

Understand and Control Botflies

[/caption] During the summer and early fall months, you may notice the appearancs of small yellow-ish dots on your horse's coat. These are the eggs of Gasterophilus, the botfly, which the...

Summer Sores

All horse owners have to deal with the nuisance of summer insect pests. It seems to simply be part of life around horses. However, some of these pests aren't just...

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