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One Hour to Rodent Control

Barns and stables provide horses with shelter and sustenance--but they provide the same service to rodents who happily nest in any number of tiny spaces in barns or tack rooms,...

Fly-Control Battle Plan

Fly season is just around the corner, and if you’ve not yet marshaled your defensive plan, now’s the time. To help you in this task, we’ve put together a summary...

Eliminate Your Fly Problem Today

Spring is in full swing in most parts of the country, so now's the time to take aim at flies-before they become a problem. But where...

Is My Horse Infested with Bots?

[/caption] Q: I have an elderly horse who was turned out with cows for a year. When I brought her home, I dewormed her with ivermectin, then had my veterinarian do a...

Comprehensive Guide to Equine Deworming Products

Parasite control is a critical component of your horse's overall health care plan. When selecting a deworming medication, it's most important that you choose a product that contains a drug...

Insect-borne Equine Diseases

Some flies transmit disease mechanically, directly transferring infectious organisms from the blood, mucus or lesions of an infected horse to the next horse upon which they feed. Other...

Preventing Colic in Horses

Colic fits all varieties of abdominal distress our horses experience. The causes of gut pain range from the passing discomfort of excessive gas to life-threatening intestinal torsions. The majority of...

Protect Your Horse From Flies

With new and improved traps, effective sprays and handy little fly eaters on the market, there's no reason for your horses to suffer from swarms of...

Defeat the Enemy: Fly Control Options for Horse and Barn

Flies--annoying pests? An understatement, at best. Not only do these adversarial insects bite, buzz and sting, they also spread disease. The reality is that flies are enemies that come with horsekeeping,...

Clinton Anderson: Simple Sidepass

Gain control of your horse's ribcage with this lateral sidepass exercise....

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