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Design a Top-Notch Deworming Program

When it comes to deworming your horse, are you flying by the seat of your pants? Time to get grounded. A haphazard deworming program puts him at risk for increased...

Smart Shots and Deworming

One of the most confusing aspects of horse ownership can be sorting out annual vaccinations and deworming plans. There are so many different shots and deworming products available on the...

Protect Your Horse From Botflies

Compared to mosquitoes, gnats, stable flies, deerflies and other insects that bedevil horses, botflies seem relatively benign. After all, they don't bite--adult botflies do not even have fully...

Glossary of Equine Terms - A

Above the Bit: Where the horse evades the riders aids by raising the head above the level of the rider's hands. This reduces the amount of control the rider...

Horse Care Basics Refresher

In the May 2006 issue of Horse & Rider, Bob Avila talked about the importance of basic horse care. No athlete can reach his full potential if he's...

Six Ways to Improve Your Fly Control

[/caption] 1. For a natural fly repellant, try wormwood oil. 2. Keep flies away by adding cider vinegar to your horse's water. 3. Bothered by deer flies when trail riding? Ride at...

Feeding Options for Senior Horses, Part One

As our horses age, we often encounter difficult situations associated with the aging process. Older horses sometimes lose or gain too much weight, or they may have increased incidences of...

Straight Talk About Tapeworms in Your Horse

We asked Dr. Craig Reinemeyer, an esteemed expert in internal parasites, if he would help us determine how strong a threat tapeworms are to our horses and if there are...

Focus Your Deworming Efforts

Resistance to dewormers is extensive and officially includes almost all deworming drugs except ivermectin and moxidectin. However, with isolated reports of possible ivermectin resistance beginning to appear in horses, as...

Fly Control, a Horse Management Necessity

In Western culture, the fly was suspected of evildoing long before science proved its guilt. It was "otherwise called a divell or familiar," according to Scot's 1584 Discoverie...

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