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Defend Against West Nile Virus

May 15, 2003 -- Dr. Kimberly Thompson, a specialist in risk analysis at the Harvard School of Public Health, warns that people need to be vigilant this summer in taking...

Video: The Rider's Eye DVD Preview

In this video clip from The Rider's Eye, Doug Payne demonstrates the first three exercises covered in his "4 Exercises to Better X-C Control" in the May 2010 issue of...

Showmanship Polish: Hand Position and Control

Perfect your showmanship presentation by avoiding three common hand-position mistakes. Judge and Team Horse & Rider member Andrea Simons acts as your coach in this slideshow....

Control Thick Hair Under Your Western Hat

When it's not controlled, thick hair prevents your hat from sitting low around your forehead, where it's more secure (and looks better) than it does perched on the...

Clinton Anderson: Move Your Horse's Hind End

Training your horse to disengage his hindquarters gives you full control of his engine....

Clinton Anderson: Move Your Horse's Front End

Yielding your horse's forequarters gives you control of his direction and ups his respect for you as his leader....

Fly Control

Want to include an organic product in your fly-control program? Newly approved by the EPA for sale to the equine market, BalEnce Biopesticide - available as...

Self Control Precedes Horse Control

Training "Mythunderstandings" Merely causing a horse to do something does not mean that you are in control of the horse. Think about the times you have seen someone put a chain...

Ask Horse Journal: How Do I Find The Right Joint Product?

[/caption] Dear Horse Journal, The glucosamine/MSM/chondroitin etc supplements I’ve used had trace amounts of each, so I am not convinced...

Control Your Trail Horse


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