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Obstacles Along the Way: Mastering Hills

Watch as Clinton Anderson shows you how to master obstacles along the trail. In this video he teaches how to overcome difficulty at hills, whether the issue be too speedy an ascent, or descent.

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Being Aggressive on Fresh Cattle with Nick Sartain

World Champ Nick Sartain talks fresh steers

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Health Woes of Easy Keepers

Learn why obesity is a real health risk, and what steps you can take to help your easy-keeping horse.

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Become a dressage-test reader extraordinaire

At some point in your dressage rider’s career, you will be asked to call a test for a fellow rider who is ready to go down centerline at a show. As a USEF “r” dressage technical delegate and USDF “L” Education Program graduate, I have seen my share of dressage tests read. Based on experience, I can tell you that if you are not already an accomplished test reader, a few pointers can make the experi

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