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Help Your Horse Sleep Better

[/caption] It’s a widely held misconception that horses aren’t affected by sleep deprivation. Most require at least four hours of slumber, including about 60 minutes of rapid eye movement (REM) sleep,...

How Horses Sleep

You're at a show, and it's almost time to warm up for your next class. Butterflies are starting to flap up a storm in your stomach. You glance over at...

Sleep Patterns in Horses

Rousting your horse out of his stall at 3:00 AM to braid his mane, put him on the trailer, and haul to a show interrupts his usual sleep pattern. But...

EquiSearch's Ask the Vet: Possible Sleep Deprivation

Question: I have a five-year-old mare that I purchased in January 2009. In June I took her to a barrel-racing clinic in Texas. She did great hauling. While waiting for...

Equine Insomnia?

A blogger unfamiliar with horses wrote recently on a general community website asking whether he should be worried about a horse in his neighborhood that was lying...

Is Your Horse Sleep Deprived?

The 12-year old gelding was standing outside the arena at the state fair waiting for his next class when his head suddenly dropped and his knees buckled. He was almost...

World-Class Cats: Famous Horsepeople’s Felines

Around barns, horses and dogs are obvious and obedient. Barn cats are more elusive and independent. They flaunt the rules and ask for indulgence. Try to pet them, and they'll...

Married with Horses: The Hay-Gloo

Kimberly was hooking up the horse trailer when I entered the barn. Vander, Pepper and she were headed to the last hunter/jumper show of the season. Kimberly was spending the...

Point Given/War Emblem Owner Dies

July 22, 2002 -- Prince Ahmed bin Salman passed away in his sleep of an apparent heart attack today. He was 43. Salman, a member of the ruling family of Saudi Arabia,...

Final Call: A Sad End for a Horse with Laminitis

[/caption] The weather forecast was for freezing rain and the sky was as gray as my mood. As I drove down the interstate, I found myself in a traffic jam three...

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