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Accusations Surround Eventing Conclusion

[/caption] Markopoulo, Greece, August 19, 2004--I "slept in" this morning, not getting up until 9 a.m. (but it wasn't long enough, considering I got to sleep at 5 a.m. after...

Horse Camping Tips

This season, you’ve promised yourself you’ll make the leap. You’re ready to camp with your horse — well, for just one night. You’ll camp beneath the stars...

Foal Vaccinations

Your foal probably doesn't need protection now. If you vaccinated your mare a month before her foaling date, and if your foal nursed in his first 6 hours of life, his...

EquiSearch's Ask the Vet: Equine Dementia

Question: Over the past few years we have managed to gather up several elderly (over about 25) rescue horses. Every year during their complete physical exam I ask my veterinarian...

Rider to Rider: Dressage Test Memorization Tips

In jumpers, the rider only has about half an hour before the class begins to get the course down. Riders are encouraged to "walk" the course. In dressage we have...

Rider to Rider: Best Holiday Gifts

[/caption] At the age of 12, I had wanted an English saddle for a long time. Right before Christmas, we looked at the saddle a friend was selling, and I got...

USEF Dressage Talent Search Program Journal

When I filled out the application for the U.S. Equestrian Federation (USEF) Dressage Talent Search Program, I did so with few expectations. I'm 18 years old, riding a...

Horse Trail Riding in Wild Alberta

The pavement turns to gravel, causing the tin-can rental car to swerve around the bend like a toy car on marbles. Towering trees open up momentarily, granting...

Married with Horses: Digging Deep

We've been doing a lot of digging lately. Kimberly and I made some late additions to the garden. We dug a lot of holes and dropped in new plants. Then we...

Find a Horse Trainer

The most important thing a horse owner should know about training his or her horse is proper care for the animal. Being hands-on, practicing groundwork, and being mindful of your...

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