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Rider to Rider: What's the Best Gift You've Given an Instructor or Received from a Student?

For Christmas one year, my adult students got together and, knowing I was low on income, bought me four weeks worth of groceries and set me up with a spice...

Book Excerpt: Life in the Galloping Lane

Eleven-year-old David O'Connor, his older brother, Brian, and his mother, Sally, decided to ride across the country in an equine emulation of Kon Tiki, a book that had...

Wild Ride at Wild Deuce

Wild Deuce Retreats & Outfitting is only 45 minutes from Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, and just over three hours from the metropolis of Calgary. Wild Deuce has it all,...

Postcard From The Spa: Saratoga Summers

Saratoga Springs, NY, -- And when I die, I want to go to... Saratoga Springs, New York? Did I say that? Well, yes, if I happen to die during August. I've been...

Vavra Remembers Special Spanish Foal

[/caption] It is a spring morning. After watching the breeding of a mare at El Hornillo, I decide to wander down to one of the lower pastures where the foals...

Equine Disease Changes over the Years

I was recently reflecting on a couple of changes in problems affecting horses that I've observed over the last 40 years. In the first decade of practice after graduating...

Dressage Life: Life Lessons Through Dressage

"Most riders," says Robert Dover in Dressage Today's May 2005 Instructor Spotlight, "ride from movement to movement. Effective riders ride from half halt to half halt." That, of...

U.S. Jumping Team Wins Silver at 2006 WEG

[/caption] Aachen, Germany, August 31, 2006 -- In an evening full of the unexpected, the U.S. show jumping team emerged with a silver medal that all too easily could have...

U.S. Eventing Team Second After Cross-Country at 2010 WEG

[/caption] Lexington, Ky., October 2, 2010 -- Remember what I told you yesterday? That eventing is "not a dressage competition?" Well, that was proven mostly true during a very influential...

Mexico’s Valle de Bravo Ride

Photo courtesy of CCI It was a two-hour ride from the airport in Mexico City to the Mata Redonda Estate, but the time flew. My host, Santiago de Lyon, pointed out...

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