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Riding in the Wilds of Wyoming

On the trail in Big Sky country. © Donnelle Oxley Raising a posse-sized cloud of dust, I stood in the stirrups of my...

Riding in Ireland

Courtesy Cross Country International Horses have been a passion of mine since I was eight years old. After a tumultuous eighteen years of...

Dressage Life: A Good Business Plan

When, as a youngster, you take your first riding lesson, the future of what you're getting yourself into is not something that enters into your mind. I know...

The Daily Stall Check

Horsekeeping can be a tricky business. Horses can't tell us when they're not feeling well, running a fever, or are generally not happy. So it's up to...

Married with Horses: Hay is for Horses

My wife, Kimberly, and I recently bought another horse. We are now the proud parents of two geldings, but it wasn't so long ago my wife's fifth horse...

African Horse Safari, Part 3: Delta Dreaming

I'm really not a fan of small planes. However, there's no other way to get to the camps in the Okavango Delta, the world's largest inland water system,...

Married with Horses: Big Jim Joins the Farm

It's winter in North Carolina, which may not mean much to people in the northeastern or western states. But, a quarter inch of sleet can shut down all of eastern...

Chat Transcript: Jane Savoie

EquiStaff -- Welcome to tonight's chat with Jane Savoie, sponsored by Tropical Rider. Jane Savoie is one of the most prominent professionals in dressage. Her impact has...

Focus on the Positive on Your Next Trail Ride

This year, the allure of traveling cross country with BeBop and Khan diminished with increased family responsibilities and the rise in fuel prices. Not permitting reality to...

Married with Horses: The Knockingbird

I was awakened just after sunrise by knocking on the bathroom window. After a week of this, I'd gotten into a routine. I stumbled to the bathroom and...

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