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A Horseman's Favorite Things

Cream colored ponies and crisp apple strudels, doorbells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles..." So goes the memorable song from The Sound of Music. Those...

Married with Horses: A Husband Shares His Story

I feel rather fortunate. It took me only 30 years to decipher the meaning of my life, and ironically, the success is completely unrelated to my college philosophy...

Married with Horses: Holiday Tails

Continued from Married with Horses: Love and Sacrifice Jingle Bells (with new & improved horse farm lyrics!) The coffee's on by four The cats get their morning feast The dogs go out the...

Married with Horses: The Waiting Game

Continued from Married with Horses: Horse Happens I'm a night owl, but at 1 a.m. I was exhausted. I had gotten my fill of excitement for the day. Mandy,...

Of Mares, Menopause and Markets

My doctor finally had to get gruff with me: "You have bone loss--osteopenia--and are heading for osteoporosis [brittle, porous bones]," she told me. "You have a choice: Deal with it...

Video: Desensitize Your Horse to Plastic Bags

Horses by nature are relatively easy to desensitize, or de-spook, because they’re programmed that way. If it were difficult for horses to become desensitized to something, they’d never...

Are You a Horseman--or Just a Rider?

This is the time of year when I stop and think about the places I have been over the past year, the things I have seen and the lessons I...

Sundowner Horse Trailer Living Quarters

Hit the road in style with Sundowner Horse Trailer's new Signature Series living quarters. Quality living horse trailer interiors include furnaces, glass shower doors, skylights over the...

Tower's Run

The first jump I take at a flat gallop, then head straight down a hill for several hundred yards. I just love galloping downhill. It reminds...

2012 Olympic Eventing Dressage, Day Two

Interestingly, no judge actually placed Yoshi first; two had him second, one had him fourth, with the scores they gave. But Stefano was sunk by a judge who placed him...

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