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Trail Saddle Shopping Tips

After you've followed the guidelines below, arrange to try the saddle on your horse, to further test its fit comfort, and performance. (For more trail-saddle tips and 17...

Gift Guide



From a glossary of equine terms to answers from the experts and our 'Click and Learn' photo guides, as well as listings of associations, excerpts of equestrian books, and our...

EquiSearch Holiday Gift Guide

EquiSearch Holiday Gift Guide...

Online Trailer Shopping Tips

You can do much of the legwork of trailer shopping without going farther than the nearest online computer. Choose a search engine and type its address into the box provided on...

Horse Clipper Shopping Tips

Choosing the right clippers or trimmers for your horse operation can be pretty daunting with the many styles and sizes available through stores and catalogues. Clipper models have...

Common-Sense Saddle Shopping

Buying a saddle is probably the most important equine-related purchase you'll make, second only to selecting the right horse. A saddle is, after all, a substantial monetary...

Horse Shopping in Europe

We arrive in the Frankfurt, Germany, airport four hours late because our flight from Philadelphia, Pa., was sidelined for repairs. From the airport in Frankfurt our rental car takes us...

USDF Announces Shopping Rewards Program

February 19, 2008 -- The United States Dressage Federation (USDF) has announced a program that offers Group Member Organizations (GMOs), local dressage clubs affiliated with USDF, and Intercollegiate/Interscholastic Organizations (IMOs),...

Barn Etiquette While Horse Shopping

As with all areas of etiquette, horse shopping should take into consideration how you may be affecting those you come into contact with and it is commendable that...

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