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Hunter-Jumper Training Links

[/caption] Cavalletti Exercises Colleen Brooks shows you how you can use cavalletti to improve both horse and rider and gives you exercises you can use at any time. Correcting a Bad Spot Short article...

Clinton Anderson: Leading a Foal

Even before you teach a foal how to respond to halter pressure, teach him how to follow beside you on a circle, using two loops of cord to guide him....

Spin To Win Rodeo's Arena Equipment Guide

So you're finally ready to build that dream roping arena? Or, perhaps you just want to make the ground better in the one you have or it's time for a...

Riding Vacation in France: Prologue

July 4, 2004 -- Bonjour from the land of love! And what is not to love about France? I arrived in Paris two days ago, and I have...

SuperMask II Anniversary Sweepstakes

This sweepstakes has closed.  For other great sweepstakes and contests, click here. For the latest in Western riding, training and horse care, go to Horse&Rider's page. To celebrate the 25th...

Special Report: Your Dream-Barn Planning Guide

You're ready to build your dream barn, the perfect equine facility. You essentially know want you want, but there are a myriad of details to consider...

Equine Practitioners Group Updates Vaccination Guide

The American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) has issued revised vaccination guidelines, with recommendations based on the age, health, risk factors, and previous vaccination history of...

Book Review: Guide to Horse Clothing

Anyone who is involved with horses and ponies can sometimes be confused by the bewildering array of clothing and equipment that is available. The Allen Illustrated Guide to Horse...

Book Review - All the Pretty Saddles

Being a life-long english rider, I have to admit to a certain lack of knowledge when it comes to western saddles. I could tell you the differences...

Canadian Getaway: Wild Deuce Retreats & Outfitting

Wild Deuce Retreats & Outfitting offers top-notch trail riding, including rides to Lost Guide Lake and 40-Mile Ridge. Hosts: Co-owners Brenda Murdock and Terri McKinney. Overview: Wild Deuce Retreats & Outfitting is...

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