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Darley Newman's Equitrekking, Travel Adventures by Horseback, is the newest guide to riding vacations. The book is an in-depth companion to the public-television series of the...

Give Dressage Enthusiasts the Gift of Knowledge

Dressage training, horse health, rider fitness-many new books appeared this year. Here are reviews of some you may be interested in owning or putting on your holiday shopping list. Dressage...

Explore Canyon de Chelly

Destination: Canyon de Chelly (de-shay) National Monument, located in the heart of the Navajo Indian reservation in northeast Arizona, near Chinle. The labyrinth monument is made up of three canyons:...

Trail Rides in Kentucky

Trail riding in Kentucky is accessible, family friendly, and can be easy on the wallet. There are currently 229 riding trails offering more than 1,913 miles throughout Kentucky. I tested many...

Suwannee River Trail Ride

The Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park, located on the banks of the historic Suwannee River in North Florida, has become a favorite destination for...

50 Great Escapes: Riding Vacations

Resort Luxury With Horses Pamper yourself at a handsome facility offering multiple actives, deluxe accommodations, and fine dining. Appeal: Vacation at a multi-purpose resort, and the non- riding members of your family...

Your Day Trail Riding Guide

You love your home trail rides, but are ready to branch out. You have your eye on that county or state park, or private facility...

Roper Buyers' Guide

Back when four strands exploded into the market, the trend was all about adding material. Today, it's about taking it away. Ropes are shrinking faster than...

Trail Riding in Nebraska/South Dakota

Perhaps you've seen those T-shirts, the ones that say, "The horse is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy"? I know...

10 Saddle-Fit Tips for Your Next Trail Ride

On the trail, tack changes aren't easy, so saddle fit becomes all important. Optimal saddle fit will let you and your horse leave home comfortable...

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