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Trail Etiquette Equals Safety

  Have you ever been on a trail ride enjoying a relaxing jaunt in the woods, only to have another rider come galloping past your horse...

Trail Riding Saddle

Designed by natural horsemanship trainer Julie Goodnight in conjunction with Circle Y Saddles, the Wind River Trail saddle (shown) promotes correct rider placement, and comfort for both horse and...

Trail Problems Overcome

Spring is a wonderful time when blooming trees and wildflowers fill the air with fragrances that rejuvenate the soul. A new year is the perfect time...

Florida Trail Ride

Always eager to find new trail-riding spots, my husband, Rick, and I investigated northwestern Florida locations. Knowing the Blackwater River State Park boasts a variety of...

Trail Riding Manners

We were descending switchbacks on a timbered mountainside on the sort of day trail riders live for. The air was crisp, perfumed with pungent pine. I...

Lead-Horse Trail Etiquette

A trail ride with a few barn buddies should be enjoyable. And even a small group on a casual outing will benefit from established guidelines and a sensible trail leader....

Suwannee River Trail Ride

The Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park, located on the banks of the historic Suwannee River in North Florida, has become a favorite destination for...

Scotland Trail Ride

Sometime ago, we heard of a newspaper article about the 10 best trail rides in the world. It turned out to be an article in...

Stagecoach, Nevada, Trail Ride

Rike: A cross between a ride and a hike, where you ride your horse for a while and then get off and walk for a while; sometimes...

Training on the Trail

When you are training your horse, in dressage or any other equestrian discipline, it is very easy to head straight to the arena every day and spend hours riding circles...

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