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The Trail Stallion

Every so often on a trail ride, at a horse camp, and even on a farm, we've come across a well-behaved stallion. This is the one stud...

Warm Winter Trail Rides

PACIFIC REGION Zmudowski State Beach, Monterey County, California Closest city: Monterey, California. Terrain:Copper Canyon is a 10-mile-deep box canyon with dramatic rock formations. The canyon bottom is a wide arroyo, lined with...

Safety on the Trail

Trail riding should be two things: fun and safe. The key to having a good time and living to have additional good times is knowing that fun and safety aren't...

Trail Riding Dreams

You'll remember that last summer Vanessa and I, regaining confidence after a "bad riding year," packed up our veterans of competition, Beene and Thunder, and toured west in our...

Protective Trail Riding Shirt

Men, let your riding clothes help you in the battle against biting insects, and the diseases and discomfort they bring with them. Ariat International now offers men's...

Trail Saddles and Tack

You've decided to replace your trail saddle and bridle designed for other uses with those made for miles on the trails. You want a trail saddle...

Clinton Anderson's Trail Control

Of all the things that can cause excitement on a trail ride, one of the most unsettling for your horse is the appearance of one or more unfamiliar horses. In...

California Trail Ride

The Sierra Nevada Mountains reclined before us in a south-to-north line of jagged, snow-dipped majestic peaks. This great mountain range, home to several wilderness areas and national forests,...

Learn About Competitive Trail Riding

If you're interested in Competitive Trail Riding but want more hands-on knowledge before filling out that first entry form, your area's CTR organization will gladly give you the chance...

Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness Trail Ride

One of the best-kept secrets lies just north of the Yellowstone National Park boundary in the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness Area. Not far away, roads bustle with the summer tourist invasion...

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