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Leatherwood Mountain Trail Ride

There are all kinds of paradise. And then there's Leatherwood Mountains. Ideally located in the northwest Appalachian Mountains and just off the Blue Ridge Parkway...

The Trail Home

Early each morning, P.J. Tomlian heads to her driveway to spot her Arabian mare and Paso Fino gelding. Then she hops in her golf cart to do the morning feed...

Illinois Trail Ride

Cross summer camp with a family reunion and you might come close to describing the Illinois State Stock Horse Association's annual 100-Mile Trail Ride held every Labor...

Pony Express Trail Ride

Since 1994, The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Posse has hosted a trail ride over a Pony Express route between historic White Oaks and Lincoln, New Mexico. This ride...

The Outlaw Trail Ride

Burning daylight!" a booming voice rang across the flats. We peered sleepily at our luminescent watch hands. It was 5:30 a.m. We had two hours to dress, pack our...

Trail Ride Kentucky with Equitrekking

[/caption] Trail riding in Kentucky is accessible, family friendly, and can be easy on the wallet. There are currently 229 riding trails offering more than 1,913 miles throughout Kentucky. I tested many...

Trail Riding Take-Alongs

Most horses love going out on the trail. It's a nice break from the usual training regimen. However, stepping outside the box brings its own set...

Appalachian Mountain Trail Riding

When you think of West Virginia, you don't necessarily think of the great "Western" riding experience like you might find in the Rocky Mountains. Yet, when you...

Condition Your Trail Horse

How to Take a Pulse To monitor your horse’s conditioning, invest in a stethoscope. Then follow these directions to take his pulse. A normal resting mature riding horse has a pulse...

Ireland Trail Ride

Thirsty for adventure, my friend, Linda Davis, and I set off for Ireland to ride in the countryside of County Tipperary. Leaving the hustle and...

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