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Clicker Training With Horses and The Power of "Yes"

In my introductory article ("Clicker Training and Horses: Stepping Stones Across the Swamp," October 2007), I described the first steps with clicker...

Clinton Anderson: Don't Get Emotional When Training Horses

[/caption] "Clinton, I want to improve my gelding’s behavior, but he gets so grumpy when I ask him to do something. I reward him when he is cooperative, but it doesn’t...

Learning Theory Training Tools for Positive Horse Behavior

[/caption] As a certified applied animal behaviorist, I’ve worked with a variety of species—from Komodo dragons, orangutans, camels and horses to humans. Working with species like these and more, I’ve learned...

Chat Transcript: Shawna and Vinton Karrasch's Training Tips

[/caption] "Everyone involved with horses wants them to consistently behave well, and perform to the best of their ability and knowledge," says Shawna. "But many horses do not cooperate, and this...

Understanding Horse Personalities, Part 4: Type Awareness in Training

If you have kept up with this four-part series, you will have gained an awareness of the different personality types found among horses and how this understanding helps...

Dressage Training in Germany with Lisa Wilcox and Ernst Hoyos

What promised to be a typical day began with a surprise. Before heading to the barn that morning for my usual routine of feeding the dressage horses and...

Inside the 2010 George Morris Horsemastership Training Session

Editor's note: Zazou Hoffman, winner of the 2009 ASPCA Maclay National Championships, is one of 10 top junior riders invited to participate in the fourth annual George Morris...

Series Synopsis: Prepare for Training Level, Test 1 with Lynn Palm

Editor's Note: This article features highlights of Lynn Palm's 5-part series on basic training that ran from February to June 2006 in Dressage Today magazine. To order the back issues,...

Purina Resource Article 1

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