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Balance Comes First in Western Pleasure

[/caption] When your horse moves in a balanced, collected frame, he's propelling himself forward from his hindquarters rather than dragging himself along with his front end. Not only will this lengthen...

Western Horse Show Fashion Clinic 9: Chaps

[/caption] Chaps are, quite simply, the most important element of a winning western show wardrobe. They cover more than half of your body, and set the tone for color and style...

Western Designers: Breast Cancer Awareness Products

Some companies have more than just one item that helps support breast cancer awareness. To see their full lines, visit the links below. Bar H Equine Equestrian Collections Etsy Gypsy Soule Montana Silversmiths Shorty's Caboy Hattery SmartPak Weaver...

Western Designers: Breast Cancer Awareness Products

To see more products that support breast cancer awareness, check out these companies: Bar H Equine Equestrian Colelctions Etsy Gypsy Soule Montana Silversmiths Positive Promotions Professional"s Choice Scully SmartPak Shorty"s Caboy Hattery Weaver Leather Wrangler ...

Activities in English and Western Riding

[/caption] Both english and western riding have their different activities, or disciplines. If you already know that you want to barrel race, or to jump, you've got a head start in...

Arabian Western Pleasure: What Judges Look For

In Arabian Western pleasure, the key is finding a happy medium between you and your horse so you both are comfortable, confident, and proud of your presentation. You must encourage...

Improve Your Horsemanship at Extended Western Jog

This exercise will help you polish your horsemanship skills at the extended jog. The Show Pen Ideal Your horse extends the jog and transitions out of the extended...

Smooth & Precise: Western Riding Pattern II

Challenge: To nail the placement of your lead changes, especially the line changes, which come late in this pattern-when your horse may start to fall apart. Strategy: American Quarter Horse Association...

Sandy Collier's Western Horse Training Secrets

Training horses is not supposed to be mortal combat. We’re supposed to be using our much bigger brains to make learning seem doable and non-threatening to our equine partners. Be a...

Western Show Clothes on a Budget: The Details

Here are detailed ways to improve your basic turnout without spending a small fortune on Western show clothes....

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