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Video: Flying Lead Change Prep from Western Trainer Al Dunning

Al Dunning demonstrates the circle/stop/sidepass/lope-off maneuver that will prepare your horse for a flying lead change in this video excerpt from the new Western Dressage DVD by Al and fellow...

English Versus Western Riding - What's the Difference?

One question I frequently get asked in my email is: "What is the difference between English and Western riding?" The next question is usually: "Is one easier than the other?" There...

English Versus Western Riding - Which is Easier?

[/caption] So, which is easier? I'd have to say western is easier than english. For one thing, the larger saddle provides a more secure seat for the novice rider. My dad,...

Western Dressage: Leg Yield to Lope Depart Introduction

Think dressage is unrelated to the type of Western riding you do? Think again. Dressage ("dress-AHHZH"), a French word meaning simply "training," refers to all the ways we influence a...

The Bit Gallery - Tom Thumb Western Snaffle

Although this bit is called a snaffle, because of the shanks it's actually a leverage or curb bit. It's used with a curb chain, which tightens under the chin as...

Western Hats: How to Correctly Place and Remove

Once you've found the perfect hat to fit your style and showing schedule, you'll want to take care of it to make sure it lasts. One way to take good care...

Western Horse Show Fashion Clinic 12: Boot Fit, Style

Last time, we began considering Western footwear as it relates to both safety and function in the show arena. Now, let's look at some fit and style issues. [/caption] When it comes...

Improve Your Western Horse's Responsiveness with the Forehand Pivot

Today's winning Western pleasure horse must carry himself in a highly collected manner. Extreme collection enable him to move in a relaxed yet balanced way, with that sweepy, slow-legged look...

Western Horse Show Fashion Clinic 8: Belts, Buckles

[/caption] When it comes to show belts, less is more. Though you may have a wondrously expensive silver or beaded belt that you love to wear at the barn, consider if...

Western Horse Show Fashion Clinic 6: Blazers, Jackets

Last time, we talked about vests for the show ring. Now, let's look at blazers and jackets for your show presentation. If you show at the regional or state level,...

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