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Equine Neurological Disorder Links

[/caption] Equine Neurological Disorder Links A selection of Websites offering information about some of the neurological disorders that occur in horses. "Equine Protozoal Myelitis and Horses" This article by Joseph Hahn, University of...

Should You Vaccinate for EPM?

Status: The vaccine, from Fort Dodge Animal Health, has conditional licensure. This type of licensing is given if a new vaccine is considered to be of special need (the disease...

EquiSearch's Ask the Vet: EPM Diagnosis and Treatment

Question: Recently my girlfriend's horse has been diagnosed with Equine Protozoal Myelitis (EPM). He was dragging his hind legs whenever we would ride, and you could hear the scuffing of...

Vitamin E Deficiency Causes Rare Neurological Disorder

Horse specialists at Casenovia College in New York are urging horse owners to have their hay analyzed for vitamin E content as well as other...

EquiSearch's Ask the Vet: Horse Seizures

Question: The other day my husband's horse was acting strange. I was cleaning the barn, and she was tied up and when I went to get her she had stiffened...

Equine Protozoal Myleoencephalitis

[/caption] "Your horse looks like he is goose-stepping!" Those words, spoken by one of the teenagers clustered around the gate of the arena as we warmed up our horses for our Tuesday...

EquiSearch's Ask the Vet: Lethargic Behavior

Question: I have an 18-year-old Haflinger. He has always been the first one to run in when it was feeding time, and he's always out in the pasture. After riding...

Equine EDU


Life After EPM

[/caption] One of the previous articles on this Web site is about my experiences with Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis (EPM). Since then I have received numerous emails each week on the subject...

Glossary of Equine Terms - E

Eel Stripe: A continuous stripe of black or brown hair from neck to tail. Seen in horses of "primitive" breeding, such as the Exmoor and the Norwegian Fjord and...

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