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Winter Care

Winter care of your horse - Learn how to feed, clothe and keep your horse stress free and healthy in winter, no matter what the weather....

Your Aging Horse: Winter Horse Care

By Christine Barakat, EQUUS Magazine Horses, like people, tend to have more trouble handling cold weather as they grow older so practicing proper winter horse care is important. Snow, sub-freezing temperatures...

Winter Clothing

Riders everywhere are bundling up in heavy coats, woolen scarves, insulated boots, mittens, long underwear, ski masks, and whatever else falls out of the closet. But there are always...

Winter Care for Older Horses

Frigid winter weather can be particularly hard on older horses. In this article from the January 2010 issue of EQUUS, David Trachtenberg, DVM, owner of Ledgewood Veterinary Equine Clinic in...

Winter Training: More Help

[/caption] Use the downtime of winter to reinforce basic ground manners in your horse. When ice and snow make riding impractical, that doesn't mean you can't still be busy with your horse....

Winter Blanket Repair Tips

Horses are notoriously hard on their winter-wear blankets. Here's what you need on hand to make quick fixes in a pinch: A lighter: Use a...

Meet Winter Head-On

If you’re experiencing severe cold and the horse can’t hold its weight with free-choice hay alone, start to gradually add or increase grain. Beet pulp is another good choice because...

15 Savvy Winter Tips

Problem 4: Moving manure, water, or hay over ice or in deep snow. Rookie mistake: Throwing out your back when struggling with a wheelbarrow to move barn supplies or manure through...

Winter Horse Hoof Care

A horse hoof wall does adapt to cold, short days through metabolism changes that slow growth. And luckily, a healthy horse hoof's natural design works well on hard ground and...

Equine Winter Skin Care

[/caption] By far the most common problem with long winter coats is Dermatophilus infection (rain rot, mud fever). It begins as small areas of scabbing which come off on scratching with...

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