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Webinar: Gymnastics To Solve Common Jumping Problems

This free webinar with eventing legend Jim Wofford and upper-level rider Sharon White will teach you exercises to solve the most common (and frustrating) jumping problems. From run-outs and drifting...

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Article Archive

Position 101

In dressage, rider position and balance affect everything—the horse’s rhythm and tempo, his longitudinal and lateral balance and his willingness to go forward and come back. Being balanced in the saddle will also make your aids more clear to your horse. But as anyone who rides knows, finding and keeping your balance on a living, breathing, moving animal is an enormous challenge.

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Riding in Gratitude

I would like to give credit where credit is due to Chuck and Joann Smith. They are the owners of Gypsy Woods Farm, in Richwood, Ohio, which is the home of Rocher and Marnix, two well-known horses who have competed in the highest level of dressage. Rocher, the Westphalen mare who competed internationally with George Williams, is now 24. Together, Rocher and Williams received numerous awards at th

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Music Calms Horses’ Emotional State

Researchers from Poland set out to determine the effect of music played in the barn, on the emotional state of race horses. Many horse owners have found that music has an apparent calming effect on...

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